Quicktags for Drupal 5

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Without noticing that similar activity is already going on, I’ve modified Quicktags module for Drupal 4.7 and rewrote it… restored back classic text buttons, just like we know them from WordPress. Of course, it’s all based on quicktags by Alex King.

So, download my first version if you wish. It needs a lot of work to be seaworthy, but it’s enough for me (it’s working).

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  1. Bèr Kessels said,

    02.03.07 at 04:37 pm

    I’ve just upgraded quicktags to 5.x. The release is a -dev release only, meaning: don’t use on a production site.
    If you need quicktags for Drupal 5, thats the best place to check it out. Care to give it a try?